Annual rates below

Barn 1: “Tumbleweed Barn” 7 Large Stalls


Barn 2: “School Barn” 8 regular stalls and 7 stalls with runs


Barn 3: “Short Work Barn” 8 regular stalls and 8 stalls with runs


Barn 4: “Haboob Barn” 8 regular stalls and 8 stalls with runs


Barn 5: “Long Barn” 21 regular stalls and 4 stalls with runs


Barn 6: “Pumpjack Barn” 16 Large Stalls


Per Stall Rates


Any $10/Stall


Large Stalls $60/week/stall

Stalls with Runs $60/week/stall

Regular Stalls $50/week/stall


Large Stalls $1,200/year/stall

Stalls with Runs $1,200/year/stall

Regular Stalls $600/year/stall

Therapeutic Riding

We support Starlight Therapeutic Riding Center, which can be accessed within the Midland Polo gates.

Therapeutic horseback riding, often referred to as equine-assisted therapy or hippotherapy, offers a range of benefits for individuals with physical,
emotional, and cognitive challenges. Here are some of its benefits:

1. Physical: Riding helps improve balance, strength, and coordination.
2. Sensory Benefits: Helps with sensory processing by providing varied stimuli.
3. Emotional Growth: Boosts confidence and reduces feelings of anxiety.
4. Cognitive: Enhances attention, problem-solving, and learning.
5. Social Skills: Promotes communication and teamwork in group sessions.
6. Fun & Motivational: Being on a horse is a joyful activity that brings a sense of achievement.

Events at a West Texas Treasure

Polo in Midland has such a rich history and it is our goal to preserve and promote these grounds as a unique community activity. Whether tailgating on the sidelines during our weekend games or learning to play by joining one of our polo schools, there is truly a way for everyone to be a part of Midland Polo.

In addition to polo, the wide open spaces lend themselves as a picturesque venue to hold various nonprofit fundraisers, corporate events and family picnics for our social members. This October we are excited to be hosting the 4th biennial Chukkers for Children, a polo exhibition followed by dinner, live music and dancing under the stars benefiting Bynum School.

Contact us to reserve the polo grounds as a venue for your next fundraising or non-profit event!

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